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The Man Plan - A Relationship Journal

This custom 115-page journal is perfect for all relationship types; single and happy, single and seeking, in a relationship, engaged and married!

By journaling you can take the time to understand your needs and wants in a relationship.

This journal offers advice as well as thoughtful affirmations that will build you up! Make this your year of growth!

This journal will make a great thoughtful gift! Purchase one for yourself and a friend!

The Man Plan - A Relationship Journal
An Urban Fiction Novel

Sometimes life doesn't 
go the way we plan!

And for Bailey, that was nothing but the truth. At one point, she thought she had it all. A loving husband, beautiful kids, the house, and cars. But somewhere along the way, it was no longer enough.

Bailey finds herself looking for love, well, sex, in all the wrong places, and she has no idea just how much one bad decision is about to change her life forever.

Sex isn't better than love.

But for some, sex is more important than marriage.

And by the time Bailey realizes that she wants her marriage to work, her life is spiraling out of control and there's nothing she can do to stop it.

Except give in.

Should she sleep with the enemy again?

Bailey and her friends are all faced with problems that they just can't seem to beat.

Find out why Bailey regrets the very day that she decided to cheat.

Printed Book

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Electronic Book

There are options for anyone always on-the-go or even may just prefer an e-book versus physical.

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A word from the Author

Becky Silas Vinson is a native of Tampa, FL, a mother to 3 children and 6 grandchildren. She has had a lifelong love affair with reading and from an early age, knew she wanted to be a writer. She entered many writing competitions as a child and even won a few!

Her mind is always creating characters and storylines. When she sits down and gets pen to paper the feeling she gets is exhilarating!

During such a trying time for the world, it allowed life to slow down enough for her to finish her first book, Unhappily Ever After; which was a lifelong dream!

Author Becky  S  Vinson

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The hype around this book has been unquestionable and admittedly that made me eager to get my hands on it. From the beginning I could not put the book down. Great book!

Fredricka B.


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